As Christ is sufficient..what drives our dis-satisfaction?

” My Grace is sufficient. My power works best in weakness” 2 Cor 12: 9

It’s a strange feeling when a question digs away at you for ages.. it can become almost like an unwanted visitor..just lurking around the corner, waiting for the opportunity to challenge our normal pattern of thinking. The sufficiency of Christ has made me reflect on the way that I approach life and the humility (or lack of it) that I exhibit in my journey. After all, like many other Christians I often find myself locked into dis-satisfaction..whether that be at work, home, family etc. It is just so easy to look around us and judge, want more, expect more from life. The often inconvenient truth is, however, that we have it all! How easy that was to type..and yet how difficult it is to live out!

In the western world we are brought up in a society that offers us so much security. Our ‘needs’ are met at every turn..what opportunities do we have to be weak, in a society that makes an idol of strength? We then wonder why we see such little power in the church, compared to maybe other parts of the world. Often when I read Paul’s words later in Ch 12 where he boasts in his weakness, taking pleasure weakness, insults, hardship & persecution I feel a million miles away from his experience..and yet I long to live in the fullness of who I am in Christ.

Maybe true humility really does lie in what Henri Nouwen described as our descent into the poverty of Christ. Anyone down there?

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