Creatures of True Worship?

Evelyn Underhill wrote that ‘Worship is the response of the creature to the Eternal’. When we respond, therefore, what is our worship and what is the response that He is looking for? A.W.Tozer puts this in his typically blunt way when he says:

The idea that this world is a playground rather than a battleground has now been accepted by the vast majority of Christians..the worship coming out of such a view is as far off centre as the view itself, a sort of sanctified nightclub without the champagne and all the dressed-up drunks.

In the search for true worship, maybe we should start at John 4:21-24. The Samaritans worship was I am sure sincere, and yet devoid of truth. The Jews  worship was one that honoured the letter of the law but was devoid of Spirit; as Jesus says in Matt 15:8 ‘these people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as the commands of God’. (NLT)

If we are to truly respond to our Father in worship..two questions immediately spring to my mind. Where is He asking me to worship Him and how is He asking me to respond? Yes, of course in sung praise and rejoicing as an immediate place to start..but where does that lead? Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that the time to worry about whether you worship on the mountain or in Jerusalem has gone, does that then also apply to us today?

Certainly, a place of real worship is that place in our hearts where we worship Him by submitting more of ourselves to Him; but what about clothing the naked, serving the widows & orphans and loving our neighbour? Are we willing to just settle for the corporate response on a Sunday..or are we hungry for the intimacy that an individual response brings?

As we raise our hands in praise and open our hearts, are we also prepared to open our ears; after all, just maybe He wants others to hear our worship too!

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