His yolk is easy..

I just love the way that Jesus wants to make our lives a great adventure. Yes, there is great sacrifice associated with a life of discipleship; however if we follow His lead we get to see some amazing glimpses of his heart which makes it so worthwhile. Yesterday, I had the privilege of conducting the thanksgiving and burial of an amazing woman of God. During the service there was such a sense of faith and peace that was just a delight to be part of it. There was plenty of food left over and when guests had taken what they needed, we were left with a huge plate of sandwiches. As I looked at them, I had a sense that our loving Jesus wanted someone to have them. I asked an amazing lady of faith to pray with me and see who He wanted them to go to. I was really busy and short of time and so didn’t really want to ‘tramp’ around the streets looking for the ‘right’ person. She had a picture of a man with a beard and I had a picture of  a local Tesco store just near where I live..in fact on my way home no less….And there I found the man, five minutes out of my way…I got to tell him that the sandwiches were from Jesus and how I knew that he was here waiting for them. I got to see God’s heart for the broken, lost and discarded. What more is there to life?


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  1. Yes, yolk…egg sandwiches and chicken wings! ! A weak attempt at humour..


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