A Journey to The Father: 1’The Potter’s Hands’

‘The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being’ Gen 2:7 

potters-hands Off we go on our collective journey deeper into finding our Father in heaven; and even from the outset there is a twist that surprises me. Well, to be honest, surprises is not really the word. Un -settles would be more accurate. Now, I’m not un-settled in a fearful way because I know enough about the Father to know that He is pure love, and there is no fear in love. What un-settles me is how quickly God can take us very deep when we are intentional about finding His heart. I began by reading about creation (not an illogical place to start) and was immediately struck by the word ‘formed’. In Hebrew (transliterated) the writer uses the word ‘Yatsar’ which is most often used in conjunction with the work of a potter (a theme which is picked up elsewhere in Scripture). However, what struck me deeply was how although we often look upon the analogy given to us in Jer 18: 1-6 , as God re-shapes us (vis a vis Israel) into those vessels that he can use, we shouldn’t loose sight of the care and loving way in which He created us in the first place (Isaiah 64:8); humanity was in the Father’s hands long before the fall, and yet that is where we remain. Now, in order for a pot to be shaped perfectly, it needs to be in the centre of the wheel. If it slips away from the centre it very quickly begins to lose its shape and becomes almost unmanageable. A skilful potter will gather the clay to the centre, keeping it there as he shapes it. All very easy so far, a nice and gentle start to the journey. Beautiful imagery, easy to meditate upon and feel great about. Well, as I was just doing all of those things, the Holy Spirit whispered a word from the Father that changed all that. He simply said, ‘how well do you know my Son?’. I was instantly reminded that nobody comes to the Father except through Jesus, and yet obviously that refers to salvation doesn’t it? I mean of course I know Jesus, I have given my entire life to Him haven’t I? And then I remembered the second part of the verse in Genesis that it all began with. You see, after we were formed, we had life breathed into us and Jesus is that life, he is the way and the truth too. In true trinitarian fashion, once we try to get close to one, they immediately defer to the other. In starting with Jesus then, I am expectant that the deep truth about the Father will emerge..in fact it already has started to.

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  1. A lovely start to this series, Ben…. “No one comes to the Father except through Me” – Jesus. Wonderful! And how wonderful it is to be welcomed into that intimate relationship of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit, always loving and differring to one another.
    With regards to the Potter and how He shapes us into the most useful vessels, I am reminded of a sermon I heard by David Pawson (heard via Youtube – Unlocking The Bible/Jeremiah part 1) – touching a bit on the sticky subject of Predestination – does God “predestine” some of us to be clay pots, while some are golden vessels? (see 2 Tim 2:20 passage) Is it fair to blame the “clay” then if it’s the Potter that does what He wants? But Mr Pawson managed to explain it in a simple way… God’s ORIGINAL intention was for ALL of us to be beautiful valuable vessels… but it is us, the clay.. – when we refuse to respond to the Potter’s touch, we refuse to be moulded, that is when God has to fashion the best crudest vessel He can, with the stubborn clay. It made me think… our Father is actually the most loving Father we can ever imagine, wanting the absolute DIVINE best for us.. but it is us, who run from Him..who are hard/resistant/cold/unresponsive to Him. May our hearts remain SOFT, ‘mouldable’, HOT and responsive to our Heavenly Father!

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  2. Yup, I’d agree. The tragedy for me is when those that are unresponsive are so because of the level of pain and rejection that they have suffered. I think it certainly is the Father’s will that all are saved and for some, powerful encounter is the only way that He can break through, hence fully preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders..

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