A journey to the Father: 3 ‘Birthing Pains’

‘Joseph, son of David’, the angel said, ‘do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit.‘ Matt 1: 20b

Flippin ek! So, like Joseph I’m sure, we have all of our best plans laid out before us. Tidy, manageable, straight forward. I’m sure Joseph and the two families had the wedding all planned. There would be singing, dancing, wine flowing, maybe the odd awful speech! And here I am too, sat ready to gently soak my way into the Father’s heart. And yet there is a valuable lesson here for all of us I think, a lesson in the ways of the Father and the ways that He births the things of God..including spiritual journeys I may add! Jesus was birthed amid a chaos of emotion, faith, prophetic utterance, misunderstanding, obedience and relationship. Joseph’s heart was right, and yet his initial revelation didn’t match..he needed correction and guidance. This took the form of a dream..a dream that he didn’t weigh for months, ponder over or wrestle with. He just simply obeyed through his simple faith. Let’s face it..he must have been gutted when he heard of the embarrassing mishap! His marriage, and the conception of their first child had turned from a fairy tale into a Godly mess. Ummm… a fairy tale into a Godly mess. Sound familiar? Well it does to me. The deep and great things of God seem always to be birthed in the midst of great struggle, challenge and sacrifice. Does it always have to be this way? Well, yes; I’m beginning to think that it does. The ‘fairy tale’ Christian life doesn’t exist…but deep joy does. Joy in all circumstances. The Father is jealous for His ‘I am’. Even in our spiritual journey, it is His way, and we should take comfort from that, because as we choose His way, we recognise Him as being there with us. Just because Mary became pregnant before God told Joseph, doesn’t mean that God hadn’t already prepared him for the journey. He had enough faith to believe..and when Joseph ‘woke up’..or ‘came to his senses’ he immediately did as the angel of the Lord had commanded. I need to wake up..but the odd dream would be nice.

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  1. Haha… I like your term, “Godly mess”. If only things were ORDERLY in the journey of faith…. GODLY MESS – Doesn’t make sense there in the human sense…. How can God be messy? But birth is messy…. creating something is messy… it’s UNPREDICTABLE….. and the finished product (e.g. beautiful BABY… or a beautiful refurbished house/character/product) is what is aimed for … Or is it? Do we long for the END product…. the PERFECTION…the RELEASE… the REWARD… or is there a deeper end-product we should aim for…. the INTIMACY with the LORD… the DISCOVERY of an aspect of our Heavenly Father that came out of the whole process,rather than the “finished product” which was the additional awesome gain? A thought just came to me…. When Jesus came to earth… was it the FINISHED product (death on the cross & salvation for mankind/reconciliation to the Heavenly Father) that was the aim… or was it the dying to his will to do the Father’s will, while on earth.. and the discovery of how DEEP the Father’s love was for His lost children, that He would forsake His own Son for rebellious humans? I think it’s both.

    As you wrote… “as we choose His way, we recognise Him as being there with us”…. it’s that bit-by-bit revelation in the journey of faith… those moments of struggling/wrestling when we suddenly discover a new side of God… when it CLICKS – Ohhh…He does love us.He does! Doesn’t usually make sense in the mess…. but He does!


    • Yes, always interesting to examine our motives for engaging with God..is it to satisfy our needs or requirements, fulfil our hopes and dreams or are we focused purely on glorifying Him in response to His love and sacrifice? Maybe the journey is the important thing after all..and yes..I think it’s both. Most questions I have nowadays end up in a ‘both and’.

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