The Incarnation of Christ

Oh my dear children, I feel as though I am going through labour pains again, until Christ is fully developed in your lives. Gal 4: 19

We live in a DIY world, a world of the quick fix. A world were solutions are expected immediately; problems are solved. Now, I cant remember who said it last week at church, but someone brought the wisdom that ‘we no more worship a baby at Christmas, than worship an empty cross at Easter.’ Today we celebrate an outside event that became the very core of who we are. There is nothing of man in Christmas; Christmas is fully God. A baby did not become God-like to solve the worlds problems, God became man to save the world. It is therefore through that salvation that the world changes. Salvation is both a one off event and a journey; we walk out our salvation with fear and trembling. We wrestle with God, we work, cry out, go through the pains of labour as the incarnate Christ becomes fully developed in our lives. God first became man; from the outside in. Then as we chose to open the door in our hearts to him, he chooses to dwell in us, from the outside in.

Then swiftly and suddenly life changes direction..

It is no longer God from the outside, breaking into the world, it is God in the inside breaking out into the world. Henri Nouwen wrote that there is no journey to God outside the journey that Jesus made. In the same way that Jesus broke into our lives through the incarnation and the cross, so he breaks out into the world through our perpetual journey to the cross.

Like in a Russian doll, we contain the incarnate Christ in the very centre of our being through the Holy Spirit, covered by layers, outer shells that look similar..but not quite. It is only as these are stripped off, throwing away those things that entangle us that the true Christ breaks out. Yes, we contain the solution to all of the world’s problems, we really do. But that solution is not a worldly solution, a quick fix..a Messiah that is merely a political or social revolutionary. The Christ in us is fiercely loving, all powerful, and brings about transformation through our lives, but he didn’t come to merely solve the world’s problems; he came to save the world from sin and reconcile us to our Father. It is through that reconciliation, access to that pure love that brings the transformation that we all cry out for.

So, in 2015, as we celebrate God breaking into the world; where in your life is he desperate to break out?

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