Lent with Julian of Norwich #7 – Guardian of Hope

And in this vision he also showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand, and it was as round as a ball…..In this little thing I saw three properties; the first is that God made it; the second is that God loves it; the third is that God cares for it. But what is that to me? Truly, the maker, the lover, and the guardian.

Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, Long Text, chapter five.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Psalm 28: 7

The pain and suffering of a broken world brought such anguish to God that, from before the foundation of the world he chose to enter creation as a helpless child, to both suffer with us and take the suffering of humanity to the cross, redeeming the whole of his creation for eternity. Yes, God is truly our guardian, but often the fullness of his protection comes in an eternal dimension that admittedly can be hard to grasp at times. Bad things certainly continue to happen to his children, that’s for sure.

This world will pass away one day and all of us will experience, at some point, the transition from our embodied life on earth to an embodiment of the hope that we cling to of the eternal nature of our souls and the physical resurrection of our bodies. This is guaranteed, and we already enjoy the down payment of it through the Holy Spirit; our Hope and Union is protected and assured, even when our earthly experiences cause us to question.

Not until the ‘old’ passes away will we see the full reality of this protected assurance work its way out in physical form, when the New Heaven and the New Earth are established. But our place in the future of creation is safe, under the lock and key of Christ’s body and blood. Nothing will ever take that away. Jerusalem will be re-established one day and we will take our rightful place as citizens of the eternal city.

In the mean time, we can embody that guardianship now in the way that we stand for justice for the weak and oppressed,  or for those that do not yet know that eternal hope we have is also theirs. After all, no greater love is there than when one gives their life for another.

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