Lent with Julian of Norwich #25 – From Sin to Joy

The sins of the chosen will be turned into Joy and Glory..

Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Divine Joy; Long Text, Chapter 38.

Anyone reading the full works of Julian of Norwich will recognise that the seriousness and consequence of sin is never held lightly. In fact, much of her writing is placed within the context of God’s response to the sin of mankind. That said, these visions have somehow given her a viewpoint that, for her day, and indeed for ours too, is remarkable in the way that they challenge any notion of the wrath or anger of God being directed at the sinner.

Often it is from within the context of two extreme polar opposites that truth can be most clearly established. The greater the emphasis that we place upon the abhorrence of sin, the more incredible the beauty of his Grace becomes. This is what St Paul encountered whilst writing Romans 6. Of course we should not continue sinning, simply to enable us to experience more of God’s grace. But on the other hand, let us not diminish the fullness of his mercy either.

Julian’s acknowledgement of the pain and sorrow that sin brings to our earthly life brings a stark contrast to the way that God brings glory from our salvation from them. Nothing murky or even slightly tainted exists in heaven. The Joy and Glory of God are found not in a vacuum, but within a masterpiece of both transformation and transfiguration.

Rejoice. I say again, rejoice.

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