Lent with Julian of Norwich #26 – Do not Despair

Our Lord takes care of us very lovingly the it seems to us as though we are almost forsaken and abandoned because of our sin and because we have deserved it. And because of the humility that we gain through this, we are raised very high in God’s sight by his Grace…By contrition we are made pure, by compassion we are made ready and by true longing for God we are made worthy.

Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Divine Joy; Long Text, Chapter 39.

I absolutely love this. God, it seems, is less interested in what we have done, and more interested in how we respond to recognising what we have done. Sometimes we repent quickly, usually for the little things. But what about those times where we act in a way that we don’t immediately recognise as sin (usually self righteousness or the judging of others). These journeys can last years. I know, I’ve been on them. Don’t you just feel awful when you realise that things that you’ve said, done, or ways that you have responded were in fact wrong. It’s embarrassing, humiliating..it’s that crawl under a rock moment. What about the people you have hurt? The flags that you have flown that need to be hoisted down, hoping you can do it without anyone noticing.

The great news is that the sanctification by truth that comes from contrition is immediate. Stage 1. We then often find that a deep compassion towards those that we have judged or wronged begins to surface. Somehow, through contrition we find that we can identify with them and often find that we are ready to right the wrongs that we have committed, stand for them, help them, advocate for them; even care for them..Stage 2. Oh how we long for God to break into their lives, our lives and create an environment for truth to be permanently established. Stage 3.

As easy as 1,2,3……I wish it was!

Categories: Devotional, Lent 2019

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