Lent with Julian of Norwich #29 – Visions of Faith

But our fleeting life that we lead here in our sensory being does not know what our self is, except through our faith. And when we know and see truly and clearly what our self is, the we shall truly and clearly see and know our Lord God in fullness and Joy.

Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Divine Joy; Long Text, Chapter 46.

“Soul and the True Self have always been hard to pin down; they are elusive and subtle like butterflies. Our inability to see the True Self clearly is like our inability to see air, it is everywhere and so it is nowhere…your true self is what makes you, you’ Immortal Diamond, Richard Rohr.

You’ve probably realised by now that I’m no Calvinist. The idea that what God created was so completely ruined by sin that there is no good in us, doesn’t somehow ring completely true to me. I see so much good in those around me and recognise that we were all made in God’s image. Distorted a bit in places I’ll warrant you, but there’s lots of good and God around us.

The question I often ask myself is this. Do I have the faith to see the image of God in myself, the goodness, the potential, the true self. For it is through the eyes of faith that we see the person that was created to be in that perfect communion with God.

The God created the universe, at each stage he was pleased; what he saw was good, very good. The includes the way that he saw and sees us. He takes great pleasure in us; isn’t it time we all did the same?

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  1. Self love is the hardest love of all, for we see our natures and all our faults. But even here God asks us to love unconditionally. Love to you and yours Kath Sent from Mail for Windows 10



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